Mahjong Tournament

The 2015 Mahjong Tournament Winners!

First Round - February 8, 2015

* 2016 Festival Has Been Postponed Until A Later Date


2016 Tournament Info COMING SOON!!

The first round of the 2015 Mahjong Tournament sponsored by the Universal Cultural Organization began on Sunday February 8, 2015.

A total of sixty players competed in two locations. Margaret Lin  juried a group of fourty players at the Hon Long Senior Center in Phoenix. (0071). David Ciu led the twenty players at the Memorial Towers in Phoenix. (0092). The second round of competition will be played at the same locations on Sunday February 15, 2015. Players were serious during their game and excited about the opportunity to win some great prizes when eight finalists will compete on February 22, 2015 at the Arizona Lantern festival in Peoria, AZ.
About Mahjong: A game of mahjong is an excellent mental workout and an intensive brain trainer. Mahjong has been found to preserve function and delay decline in elderly individuals with dementia even those with significant cognitive impairment. Taking this a step further, if it is good for the prevention of age-related decline, then it ought also be good brain training for younger people.For the 2015 Mahjong Tournament, we are going to have 2 rounds of competition before the final tournament at the festival.

Regardless of frequency of playing, mahjong produced consistent gains across all cognitive performance measures – digit forward memory and verbal memory. The effects lasted after mahjong had been withdrawn for a month, suggesting that constant practice is not necessary to achieve therapeutic effect once an initial threshold is attained. – International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry

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