Did You Know That In Eastern Medicine, Many Different Fruits Are Used to Treat Illness?

* 2016 Festival Has Been Postponed Until A Later Date


Detoxification, protect the stomach;
Anti-Aging, Prevent Brain Cell Denaturation, Restrain Dementia;
Skin Whitening, Keep Beauty;
Lose Weight, lower the blood sugar, Moisturizing Intestines, Prevent Colorectal Cancer.



The King of fruit. Durian pulp containing 11% starch, 13% sugar, 3% protein and various vitamins, rich in nutrition.

Durian can strengthen the spleen, improves chi energy, warms the body, it is a tonic. Good to eat after illness or postpartum.



Replenish the blood, stronger lung, accelerate blood circulation, weak heart person should eat more.



It contains aphrodisiac and improves chi energy. Benefit heart, nourishing blood and calms the nerves, improves skin tone. Treats Anemia, Palpitations, Insomnia, Amnesia, Neurasthenia, and weakness after illness and postpartum.


Sugar Cane:

Helps reduce the feeling of dehydration, refreshes the body, reduce stomach gas and helps clean up the body. Boost your energy. Helps with a hangover. Fight bad breath.





Anemia: Grape, Tangerine, Tomatoes, Apple, Strawberry, Cherry

High Cholesterol: Mangos teen, Walnuts

High Blood Pressure: Banana, Watermelon, Grape, Tomato, Walnut, Persimmon, Peaches

Arteriosclerosis: Apple, Avocado, Walnuts, Tomato, Banana

Stroke: Apple, Persimmon, Pineapple, Kiwi

Heart Disease: Apple, Kiwi, Pear, Watermelon, Pineapple, Walnuts, Banana

Respiratory System, Trachea, Lung Disease, Bronchitis

Grapes, Apple, Cherry, Pear, Persimmon

Asthma: Grapes, Peaches

Pulmonary Tuberculosis: Pear, Peaches, Loquat, Papaya

Digestive System: Stomach, Liver Disease, Gastritis

Apple, Grapes

Enteritis: Pineapple, Banana, Apple, Grape, Tomato, Pomegranate

Diarrhea: Apple, Red Bay Strawberry

Stomach Pain: Papaya

Indigestion: Pear, Strawberry

Hemorrhoids: Apple, Persimmon, Peaches, Banana, Figs

Liver Disease: Strawberry, Plum, Apple, Grape, Banana

Urinary System Disease, Cystitis: Watermelon, Peaches

Urinary Tract Stones: Watermelon, Kiwi

Incontinence: Peaches, Plum

Urethritis: Peaches, Grapes

Secretion Ataxia: Avocado, Apple, Kiwi, Grape, Peach, Papaya, Muskmelon

Eye, Ear and Throat Disease: Papaya

Hoarseness: Grape, Loquat

Night Blindness: Papaya

Bones, Joints, Skin Diseases: Grapes, Loquat

Fast Healing Surgery: Strawberry

Back Pain: Peaches

Gout: Kiwi, Pineapple

Arthritis: Grapes, Loquat

Bonesetters: Papaya

Skin Disease: Papaya, Strawberry, Apple, Walnuts

Imports Chamber Inflammation: Pears, Tangerines, Pomegranate

Dental Disease: Strawberry, Tangerines, Plum

Cold: Strawberry, Mango, Pineapple, Loquat, Lemon

Pregnancy Antiemetic: Pear, Apple, Persimmon

Pregnant Women Postpartum Recovery: Apple, Walnuts

Increased Physical, Aging: Apple, Banana, Walnuts

Poor Appetite: GrapesPromote Growth: Apple, Pear, Banana, Strawberry, Watermelon, Muskmelon