* 2016 Festival Has Been Postponed Until A Later Date

​​1.  When do you fly the lanterns? 

A common misconception of this lantern festival is that they are floating lanterns, but due to fire safety and regulations, we do not offer actual floating lanterns as part of our event.  Our lanterns are very large (40-60 ft) metal and colorful silk sculptures adored with lights.  The highlight of the event is these lit cultural displays, but we offer many other cultural activities to compliment these pieces of art.

2.  Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards at the ticket booths.

3.  Do vendors accept credit cards?

Vendors may or may not accept credit cards. It is every individual vendor’s own decision to accept credit cards and their own responsibility to set them up. However, there will be ATMs set up at the festival if cash is needed.

4.  Are there ATMs?

Yes, there will be ATMs set up at the festival.

5.  Are there food vendors and what type?

There will be plenty of food vendors offering a wide variety of food from different Asian cultures and some non-Asian. There will also be beer / wine and hot drinks available.

6.  Are pets allowed?  Are service dogs allowed?

No pets are allowed in the festival. However, service dogs with identification are allowed but it is the owner’s responsibility to clean after their service dog and they must be on a leash.  

7.  Can we bring outside food and drinks?

Since we do have a variety of wonderful food and beverage vendors, outside food and drinks are not allowed in the festival.

8.  Where is the entrance to the festival?

The entrance of the festival is on the west side of the baseball field (the side next to the parking lot).

9.  Where can we park?

There is a free parking located at the Thompson Event Center.

​10.  Can we leave and re-enter the festival?

​Re-entry is allowed for the same night.

​11.  Do you have any discounts?

Yes, there is a senior, veterans, student discount and child price, but we also have family packages, coupons, and discount codes available. Join our Facebook page and keep a lookout for them!  

12.  Is the festival handicap accessible or do you have wheelchairs for rent?

​Yes, the festival is handicap accessible but keep in mind the festival takes place on a grass field. Unfortunately, we do not have wheelchairs for rent.

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